Student Car Parking Application 2020/21

About this application
This is an application only and will not be processed until [A] evidence has been received that you have passed your driving test and have suitable insurance cover - please take original documents to Reception [B] payment has been made on ParentPay to cover the academic year. Should all spaces be allocated, your application will be placed on a waiting list; preference will be given to those students living the furthest distance away from the Academy. Please note: 1. Vehicles are left at owner's own risk 2. Regular checks of car park will be made
Parking Conditions
By applying for a car parking permit, you agree to the following parking conditions - breach of any of these conditions or any Academy regulations will result in the permit being revoked immediately:- [1] You must display the parking permit in your car at all times [2] You must park in a numbered parking - nowhere else and NOT in a disabled space [3] You must adhere to the site speed limit of 5 mph at all times [4] You must notify Reception immediately of any change in your car details [5] You must return your permit if you when you leave the Academy Please note that vehicles are left at owner's own risk.